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O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst 03-05/2004
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OPEN HOUSE focuses on the status of art and the public sphere today.
The invited artists pose the concept of the urban public sphere, the production of visual images in urban space and the possibility of artistic interventions in public space for discussion, thus dealing with relevant themes that go far beyond the field of art.
The exhibited works are located at the intersection of art, social practice and political activism, leading from O.K into the city as the field of action.

Big Hope
Olaf Arndt & Rob Rob Moonen
Michael Blum - Monument to the Birth of the 20th Century
Candice Breitz
Harun Farocki
Andrea Geyer
Gregor Graf
Marko Lulic
Oliver Ressler
Andrea van der Straeten
Silke Wagner
Mark Lombardi

Curators: Thomas Edlinger, Stella Rollig, Roland Schöny

March 26/27, 2004
Discussion, Video and Music in Conjunction with "Open House"


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