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conferences and symposia 2004/2005
Artists as Producers.
Transformation of Public Space.
Latvian Centre for
Contemporary Art, Riga, LV
15-16 October 2004

Based upon Walter Benjamin's seminal essay "The Author as Producer", a whole range of theorists have developed approaches towards an aesthetics of production. Benjamin's arguments today may serve as a ground for distinguishing the different political, social and economic backgrounds in "Western Europe" and post- Communist countries. What about political art's function of supplying the capitalist production apparatus, not changing it? What about the artists as producers rather than experts for the universal? What about the different transformations of public space in "Western Europe" and post- Communist countries, where highly ideologized spaces have turned into consumers' spaces within the shortest period of time?

with Boris Buden, Jesper Dalmose, Helena Demakova, Anders Harm, Lolita Jablonskiene, Oleg Kireev, Normunds Kozlov, Maria Lind, Gerald Raunig, Edmunds Supulis, Aneta Szylak, Friedrich Tietjen, et al.

Reutern's House
Riga, Str. Marstalu 2

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