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conferences and symposia 2004
Lived Conditions
(Constructing Opinion)
O.K Center for
Contemporary Art, Linz, A

26 -27 March 2004

Theory, discussion, video and music in the framework of the exhibition "OpenHouse" center around current forms of subjectivization and their reflection in the fields of art and social activism. How is the concept of work transformed in postfordist environments and governmentalities that rule every part of life? Are there lines of flight that drive the lived conditions beyond themselves? What happens to the "private" practices of love and sexuality in terms of their inevitable interlocking with politics, economy and culture? 

with b_books, Katja Diefenbach, Antke Engel, Glückliche Arbeitslose, Eva Illouz, Malmoe, Gerald Raunig, Karl Reitter, Terre Thaemlitz, Beat Weber, et al.

O.K Center for Contemporary Art
A-4020 Linz, Dametzstraße 30

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